Simple Habit, a company in the YC Winter 2017 batch, and one of their YC group partners will be on Hacker News today to talk about what they’re building.

Ask them questions on this thread.

What are you making?
Simple Habit is a curated library of the best 5 minute meditations from the world’s leading teachers. It’s like Spotify for mindfulness. They are available on iOS, Android and web.

Why did YC invest in Simple Habit?
Yunha is a great founder. She is resourceful, energetic and has created a product that solves a problem she understands well. – Tim Brady, YC Partner

How is it better than other meditation apps on the market?
– Simple Habit offers meditations built for any situation. There are suggested meditations for commuting, preparing for an important meeting, going to bed, etc.
– They curate the best meditation teachers and content from around the world.
– The app helps meditation teachers monetize their content and get more exposure for their work.

Why did you build this app?
– Founder Yunha Kim was a banker living in New York City. She got stressed out, started meditating and it changed her life. She started the app while at Stanford B-School. The company is based in San Francisco.

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