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Starting a Startup After Business School – Reham Fagiri and Kalam Dennis of AptDeco

Reham Fagiri and Kalam Dennis are the founders of AptDeco, where you can buy and sell used furniture. They were in the YC Winter 2014 batch and you can find them at AptDeco.com.

On Shutting Down

Founders lack a coherent way to think about when to shut down. Founders do not always get to choose to shut down. However, most of the time, it is the founder’s choice. It’s a personal decision. It’s a hard and painful decision. It’s an emotional, fraught decision. However, shutting down doesn’t have to be a blind decision.

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Leonard Susskind on Richard Feynman, the Holographic Principle, and Unanswered Questions in Physics

Leonard Susskind is a professor of theoretical physics at Stanford University and he’s regarded as one of the fathers of string theory.

Hacker News Highlights August to November 2018

Here are some of our favorite Hacker News comments from August to November: A thread on bad codebases ranging from war stories to horror stories, developing Crash Bandicoot for PS1, meeting Ricky Jay, Victorian culinary trading cards, and a TV meteorologist experiences tech envy.

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Michael Seibel on Starting a Startup, Finding Product Market Fit, and Fundraising

Michael Seibel comments on five of his essays. The essays are: Why Should I Start a Startup?, One Order of Operations for Starting a Startup, The Real Product Market Fit, Users You Don’t Want, and Why Does Your Company Deserve More Money?

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Andrew Kortina of Venmo and Fin on Technological Determinism and Work’s Relationship to Dignity

Andrew Kortina is the cofounder of Venmo and Fin. Fin is a high quality, on-demand, personal assistant and executive assistant service.

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Brian Donohue on Operating Instapaper Through an Acquisition

Brian Donohue is President of Instapaper and a Product Engineering Manager at Pinterest.

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