YC will be visiting Stanford and hosting a talk and group office hours on April 9.

YC Group Office Hours at Stanford
April 9 – 2:00-4:30pm PT
Location: Stanford Campus (details to come)
Join YC partner Kevin Hale for group office hours. Group office hours are 45 minutes each and include up to four other teams. It’s a good way to meet other founders and listen/give feedback on each others’ biggest challenges. You’ll come to find that startups all face similar problems. Sign up here.

Startup Ideas Workshop with YC’s Kevin Hale
April 9 – 4:30pm PT
Location: Gates Computer Science Building – Room 104
YC partner Kevin Hale will do an interactive workshop on how to evaluate and share good ideas — and he’ll talk about what to focus on in school if you’d like to build your own billion dollar company. Sign up here.