Landscaping is one of the last industries that has yet to be ‘‘software enabled’, with most companies running their businesses on pencil and paper.

Yardbook is a company launching out of our Winter 2016 class that’s bringing cloud-based software tools to this vast yet under-served industry.

TechCrunch’s Jon Shieber wrote a story about Yardbook this week:

“With the penetration of mobile phones, and simply the falling costs
of hosting and managing and online business, new verticals are opening
up to young companies at prices and scales that would have been unheard
of even a few years ago.

In YardBook’s case, it’s the lawncare industry.

And the customer adoption of YardBook shows that, at least in this instance, the thesis might be proven correct.

In just over a year, the company has managed to snag 11,000 customers
and processed $65 million in payments across the platform. Today, the
company is launching a tipping feature for payments so that even more
money can be captured by lawncare service providers without the need to
resort to grubby cash payments (filthy lucre!)”

Read the full story here.