In the Upstart Business Journal, Homejoy CEO Adora Cheung writes:

The company I founded with my brother is a new take on one of the oldest businesses around—home cleaning. What distinguishes our business, Homejoy, from others is a simple philosophy: We clean.

I’m not talking about just our base of contract partners, the hundreds of independent cleaning professionals in the 14 U.S. cities where we do business. I mean everyone in our entire office: the client services team, the recruiters, the engineers and the five members of our leadership team are all required to whip out the vacuum, grab a microfiber cloth, and scrub away at our clients’ homes. We’ve found that having all 30-plus people at our San Francisco headquarters clean and cross-train at work helps us all make better decisions and ultimately improves our bottom line.

Does having our whole team scrub floors really result in an increased return on investment, that often elusive ROI that every new company is going after? We believe so.

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