Sam answers questions submitted on Whale.

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0:03 – What’s the best thing you learned from Paul Graham?

0:18 – Out of all the founders that have manbuns, who is your favorite?

0:31 – What social problems would you like to see startups tackling in 2017?

0:50 – Advice for a high school senior interested in tech startups but bored out of their mind at school? Asking for a friend.

1:06 – What’s your favorite play? I personally revere Hamlet.

1:20 – What are the top 3 emotions you felt in the last week? Is this consistent with most weeks? Do you actively cultivate/influence the emotions you feel?

2:02 – What’s the 10 year goal for Y Combinator? And can you explain what value you think the YC network will bring over the same period?

2:21 – I heard once that you keep your to-do list on pen & paper. Why analog?

2:37 – What do you think about new startups copying the idea of existing startups?

2:53 – Have you ever taken nutritional supplements to boost your performance at work? If so which ones, did they work, and do you see this becoming a trend in Silicon Valley?

3:13 – Could you please tell us more about how YC is supporting ACLU? (Amazing news btw, thank you Sam!)

3:33 – What books do you recommend on learning machine learning?

3:49 – What should the world know about Y Combinator’s Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) launching in 2017?

4:06 – Hi Sam! You seem to have a great answer to every question! What difficult question or issue are you yourself trying to figure out at the moment? Not counting Trump.

4:27 – After lots of hard work and some small customers, we’re finally in talks with an ideal, very large fashion brand! Yay! What are your tips and hacks for enterprise sales? Esp. to cut sales cycle length

4:48 – What do you think of YC for small businesses? That’d really help US economy

5:09 – We are a european journalism startup looking into mass media solutions. Would you be able to help set up a U.S. company even before acceptance to YC? We want to save us the hassle of converting.

5:24 – What’s the most # of times YC rejected someone’s application before accepting them?

5:54 – What is your favorite Paul Graham essay and why?

6:12 – If mediocre engineers don’t build great companies, how can current engineering students become the best engineers?

6:31 – How will you leverage your relationship with Peter Thiel to push back against harmful/dangerous policies of the Trump administration? And if you don’t plan to leverage that relationship, why?