Petcube is a company launching out of our Winter 2016 batch that makes it easy to keep tabs on your pets — and even play with them — when you’re away from home.

Petcube’s first product, the $199 Petcube Camera, is an interactive Wi-Fi pet
camera with real time video, media sharing functionality, and a built-in
laser toy that’s safe for animals.

TechCrunch’s Anna Escher wrote about Petcube and its latest funding round in an article this week:

“Any pet owner can relate to the remorseful feeling of leaving your
pet behind when you go out for the day. So naturally, we want to know what our furry friends are up to when we aren’t there. The
idea for Petcube came from co-founder Alex Neskin, whose puppy Rocky
suffered from separation anxiety and boredom when left alone. If only
there were a way to keep in touch with his puppy throughout the day.
Thus, Petcube was born, and CEO Yaroslav Azhnyuk and CDO Andrey Klen
jumped on board to bring the idea to fruition.

…It’s also worth noting that Petcube had quite the successful
Kickstarter launch for the Petcube Camera. The campaign blew past its
$100,000 goal to raise over $250,000 from eager buyers, solidifying the
notion that staying connected with your pet throughout the day was
something many pet owners desired.”

Read the full article here. You can also watch Escher interview Petcube’s CEO and get a look at how the device works in the TechCrunch TV video below: