At YC, each one of our startups brings in valuable data each day that could be used to make their products better. But quickly-growing startups often don’t have the time to focus on parsing that data. Early stage founders are fully immersed in building their core products — and hiring a full-time data science team is not usually a realistic priority.

That’s why we’re excited to partner with Insight Data Science, the organization that runs a seven-week intensive fellowship for post-doctoral PhDs looking to make the transition from academia to the data science industry. Through this partnership, Y Combinator companies will get $25,000 in free consulting credit with Insight Fellows to work on tackling important data science and data engineering challenges. The partnership applies to active YC companies and alumni companies at any stage.

It’s a win/win matchup: YC startups have a wealth of potentially meaningful data, and Insight has an office full of PhD data scientists ready to work on compelling, high-impact data problems full-time. Also, Insight is itself a YC alum from our Winter 2011 batch.

Over the past nine months, 26 YC companies including Pebble, Coinbase, and URX have collaborated with Insight Fellows to great success — you can read about some of those case studies here. We’re looking forward to many more success stories like these in the future.

If you’re a YC company or alum interested in working with the Insight Data Science Fellowship, email yc [at] insightdatascience [dot] com.