parents are frustrated by the one-size-fits-all, standards-based approach of the U.S.
education system. Every kid is unique, with their own interests, and
ready to learn different things at different times. It’s nearly impossible for a child to get the best
learning experience by taking the standard path alone.

Outschool is a startup launching out of our Winter 2016 class that wants to fill in the gaps left by the standard education process, by helping parents find and book learning activities for kids outside of regular school.

In just a few months since its initial launch in the San Francisco Bay Area, Outschool has grown to offer more than 300 classes from independent educators to a community of more than 1,500 parents. Classes have included an outdoor science hike, a wind-tunnel physics class with indoor skydiving, and WWI espionage technology.

The Outschool approach creates
the best learning experiences because it allows students to learn about what they’re
interested in, from teachers who are teaching what they’re passionate about. Outschool’s classes
also cover topics that are broader and more interdisciplinary than standard school curricula. This is important, because now more than ever, success
depends on creativity, original thought and developing diverse skills. Each interest a child pursues is an opportunity to discover the world,
develop new skills, and connect with the greater community.
Outschool is currently active in the Bay Area, Santa Cruz, and Sacramento. Learn more at and the company blog.