MyVR, a San Francisco-based startup that graduated from Y Combinator in March, sees a big opportunity to help owners and operators alleviate the offline pain of managing their vacation rentals and help bring them new (or at least more regular) business. Co-founders Jonathan Murray and Mike Stachowiak are both owners themselves and initially built MyVR as a side project to help solve their own frustrations with the process.

After interviewing hundreds of other owners, they discovered they weren’t alone. So, today, the team of seven is officially launching MyVR, which gives vacation rental owners a website builder along with marketing software that enables them to gain an online presence and manage their marketing in one place.

What does that mean? Users create a site (plans start at $12/month after a 30-day free trial) and upload photos of their rentals and relevant info — like property descriptions, rates, etc. — and MyVR automatically generates a fully-functioning website with full-page photos and a centralized calendar for availability (with online booking coming soon).

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