We launched a Series A program 6 months ago, but we started prototyping the program 6 months before that with a few companies. In that year, we’ve learned a huge amount about what works and what doesn’t work when raising an A. I’ve written about some of those learnings on the YC blog.1

We’re now ready to launch the next phase of the program: working with companies that are ready for a Series A in batches, just like regular YC.

The first batch will have 15 YC alum companies and will start in June. We’ll meet in San Francisco every other week over the course of 2 months, and we’ll work through everything from picking investors to building models, forecasts, and decks. We’ll practice telling stories and discuss how to approach different types of meetings with investors. Finally, we’ll help founders coordinate their approach to – and dialogue with – investors while pitching, negotiating, and closing rounds. At the end of the program in September, the companies will launch their Series A fundraises.

We think the structured batch program will better prepare companies for their raises. We think grouping companies at the same stage will allow them to learn from each other, much as they do during YC.

For investors: if you are interested in meeting with companies coming out of our Series A Program, please sign up here.

1. When to Raise a Series A, Process and Leverage in Fundraising, The YC Seed Deck Template, and YC’s Series A Diligence Checklist.