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Advice for job seekers on resumes and reaching out

To help job seekers amid this crisis, I’m spending a lot of time doing 1-1s and resume reviews. Below are my most common pieces of advice. Mail me…

Participate in Cal Hacks’ hack:now and win prizes including summer mentorship or a YC interview

On April 24-26th, Cal Hacks is running hack:now, a 36-hour global online hackathon to foster innovative and technical solutions to challenges around the COVID-19 pandemic. Y Combinator is partnering with Cal Hacks and offering prizes for winners, including mentorship for top teams and a top prize of an interview for a future YC batch.

Meet 8 YC startups that are hiring right now

Many YC startups are actively hiring on Work at a Startup across engineering, product, design, marketing and more. We asked founders to shoot a 30-second video describing their businesses and open roles. Meet them here.

Finding your next role through Y Combinator

At YC, we want to help those who have been impacted by recent layoffs. As always, anyone is welcome to create a profile on Work at a Startup, which makes it simple to browse the 400+ YC companies that are actively hiring, including larger ones like Segment, Brex and Instacart. YC companies on the platform are well-funded and in a strong position to find their next engineer, PM, designer, ops/sales person and more. We’re working to keep all the jobs on the platform up-to-date.

40+ YC startups are now hiring for interns in the YC Summer Internship Program

We’ve nearly doubled the number of YC startups looking for interns this summer, and the companies & roles are posted on Work at a Startup. As a reminder, the YC internship program gives current undergrad and grad students the opportunity to find a great YC-backed and vetted startup. As a participant in the program, students also get access to founder talks, partner round-tables, career advising and even a peek into the YC batch dinner.

Work with us: Looking for great people to join YC’s software & community teams

Y Combinator has a lot planned for 2020, including reaching more people with our worldwide events, going bigger with [Startup School][1] and serving our ever-growing communities of founders and developers. To make that all possible, we’re growing our YC team. Here’s a quick rundown of the roles we have open.

Vikrum Nijjar: Engineer #1 at Firebase and Founder of Gold Fig Labs (YC S19)

Vikrum Nijjar joined as the first engineer at Firebase, and did whatever it took to help the company succeed: scaling out infrastructure, shipping mobile SDKs, hosting 1-1 office…

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