No Lean Season (YC W17) Named GiveWell Top Charity

We are thrilled to announce that No Lean Season, a nonprofit from the Winter 2017 batch of Y Combinator, has been named one of GiveWell’s top charities. No Lean Season gives a travel subsidy of $19 to very poor rural farm laborers. This enables a family member to travel to a nearby city to earn extra income during the period between planting and harvesting.

What Y Combinator Looks for in Nonprofits

Many people have asked us: how do you choose nonprofits to fund? We consider four key factors: 1. Team. 2. Big problem + big solution. 3. Provable or promising program. 4. Y Combinator fit. Read on for more details—and if you think your organization is a good fit, apply to the next batch.

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