Female Founders

Read and watch the founding stories of some of Y Combinator’s female alumni. Learn about things like how they got started, their experience at Y Combinator, their experience as female founders, and what they wish they’d known when they were younger. As you’ll see, their experiences are fascinating, both individually and in their variety.

Aspiring Founders Forum for Women Globally

The world needs more women-led companies. On November 17th, join YC for the second Aspiring Founders Forum, a virtual event for women globally and learn how to start a startup from inspiring entrepreneurs. RSVP at AFF2021.ycombinator.com.

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From Self-Doubt to Starting Up: Words of Wisdom for Women Founders From YC Continuity Partner Anu Hariharan

We’ve been talking about the unique challenges facing women founders for years, but the pandemic was particularly hard for women looking to start their own companies. According to…

Promise Co-Founder and CEO Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins on Being a Force for Good

Pheadra Ellis-Lamkins, Co-Founder and CEO of Promise, had witnessed technology’s impact on the work communities in which she’d been a part — and not always for good. In…

Edlyft Co-Founder and CEO Erika Hairston: How Community Can Elevate Tech

Edlyft co-founder and CEO Erika Hairston never imagined herself as a “techie,” but was drawn to computer science while at Yale University—not that it was a cinch for…

Partnering with CodePath and ColorStack to support future technical founders

YC was founded around the idea that technologists should be at the center of tech innovation. It seems obvious today, but it wasn’t always that way. We believe…

Future Founders Conference for Women Globally

On November 18, we are hosting our first Future Founders Conference for women who aspire to become a startup founder. The event will be online, and whether you are curious about launching your own startup or are in the early stages of building one, you’ll walk away with the knowledge to define your own path.

The YC Directory

We recently launched the YC Directory. The directory lists 2,000+ publicly launched YC companies and makes it simple to filter by batch, industry, status, region, and company size.…

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