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A.I. Policy and Public Perception – Miles Brundage and Tim Hwang

Miles Brundage is an AI Policy Research Fellow with the Strategic AI Research Center at the Future of Humanity Institute. Tim Hwang is the Director of the Harvard-MIT Ethics and Governance of AI Initiative.

How Adversarial Attacks Work

Machine learning algorithms accept inputs as numeric vectors. Designing an input in a specific way to get the wrong result from the model is called an adversarial attack. In this article we will show practical examples of the main types of attacks, explain why is it so easy to perform them, and discuss the security implications that stem from this technology.

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Baidu’s AI Lab Director on Advancing Speech Recognition and Simulation

Adam Coates is the Director of Baidu’s Silicon Valley AI Lab. The lab’s mission is to develop AI technologies that will have a significant impact on the lives of at least 100 million people. We spent a good chunk of this episode talking about Adam’s work in speech to text and text to speech. If you want to learn more you can check out

A Guide to Machine Learning PhDs

A machine learning learning PhD doesn’t only open up some of the highest-paying jobs around, it sets you up to have an outsized positive impact on the world. This comprehensive guide on machine learning PhDs from 80,000 Hours (YC S15) will help you get started.

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Jeff Dean’s Lecture for YC AI

Jeff Dean is a Google Senior Fellow in the Research Group, where he leads the Google Brain project. He spoke to the YC AI group this summer. Watch the talk and read his slides here.

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Ex Machina’s Scientific Advisor – Murray Shanahan

Murray Shanahan was one of the scientific advisors on Ex Machina. He’s also a Research Scientist at DeepMind and professor of Cognitive Robotics at Imperial College London. His book Embodiment and the Inner Life served as inspiration for Alex Garland while he was writing the screenplay for Ex Machina.


In an effort to usher in more innovation with AI, Y Combinator is going to try an experiment in the upcoming batch: a vertical group in YC dedicated to AI companies. If you’re starting an AI company, we want to help you succeed. Apply here and mention this post in your application.

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