How To Get Into Natural Language Processing

We’re at a very unique point in history where natural language interfaces are beginning to dominate the ways that we interact with our machines. With largely available datasets and open source frameworks, working on NLP problems has never been more accessible.

How Do You Measure Leadership?

It’s tempting to measure leaders simply by the success of their businesses. But even the most successful founders know how much timing and luck can be confounding factors in this approach. Measuring leadership through bottom-line company performance also fails to provide any clues as to how someone can improve as a leader. So is there a better way?

How to Use Both Your Wits in a Startup

Startup culture places immense value in our logical thought process. I do too. But without incorporating both sides of your brain in your decision-making (slow logic and fast intuition), you risk being swept down the river when the dam of startup stress bursts.

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Office Hours with Sam Altman

Sam Altman and Craig Cannon go through questions submitted on Hacker News. Discussed: How do you expand your network? How can a student with no technical background go start a startup? As a B2B company how do you get sales outside of your network?

Submit Questions for Office Hours with YC

When we announced that we’d be restarting the podcast, many HN users requested Office Hours as a recurring segment. We’re kicking that off next week on YouTube. If you have a question, please post a few sentences of context and the question on Hacker News.

Notes for the New Year

I made some notes before my brother Jack interviewed me for How to Build the Future, where I mostly talked about how ambitious young people should think about their careers. I thought I’d clean those up to share for the New Year. Here they are.

The Scientific Method for Startups

When people discuss startups they tend to talk about inspiration and creativity. In reality, executing a startup is a balance between creativity/intuition/instinct and the scientific method: hypothesize > a/b test > conclude > repeat.

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