Steven Pham

Steven works on Special Projects at Y Combinator. He also runs Startup School, YC's free online course for startups.

Announcing the Startup School 2019 Grant Recipients

As part of our efforts to further support founders in Startup School, we awarded $15,000 in equity-free grants to the most promising companies to go through the course. The quality (and quantity!) of founders who participated in Startup School this past year made the grant selection process a tough one.

Congratulations to the following startups for their impressive progress over the 10-weeks of Startup School!

Startup School 2019 Meetups

This year, more Startup School founders can get the opportunity to attend live tapings of the lectures. They’ll also be able to interact with YC partners, alumni and, more importantly, meet other founders in the Startup School community. We will be hosting Startup School events in over 13 cities.

These events will only be available to registered and active participants in Startup School. The 10 week course will begin July 22, 2019 and is free for everyone to participate. You can register now at

Startup School Lectures Are Now Available as a Podcast

We’re now publishing the Startup School lectures as a podcast. Here’s where to find them.

Startup School: Every Company that Applied is Now Accepted

We messed up and sent acceptance emails to many Startup School applicants who we didn’t previously have a place for. We’ve decided to use this error as an opportunity to try something new: we’re going to let in every company that applied to Startup School.

Join Us for Startup School Presentation Day!

Startup School culminates in Presentation Day. On Presentation Day, founders will share videos that introduce their product and share the progress they’ve made during Startup School. Videos will be available at starting on Friday, June 16th at 8:00AM PDT.

Startup School Online: First Lecture and Speaker List

We’re excited to announce that Startup School is now in session. You can watch the first lecture at For this course, we are joined by some great speakers who want to help make startups be better startups. The speakers and topics are listed in this post.

Startup School Online: Registration and Deals

Since the announcement of Startup School Online, we’ve received nearly 50,000 signups from prospective founders. While we were hoping to be able to accept everyone into the Startup Founder track, we will only be able to accommodate several thousand companies for this first run of Startup School. Everyone else will be able to watch the lectures and view the course material.

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