Steven Chan

Mailgun’s Advice on Startup Acquisitions

The founders of Mailgun and Gravitational on the ups and downs of selling your startup, and going back to entrepreneurship (and YC) again.

Bright’s Advice on Building a Startup Internationally

Becoming acclimated to a totally new country is notoriously challenging. So is building a startup from scratch. Jonah Greenberger is taking on both at the same time.

How Meadow Is Building a Company (and Community) Around Cannabis

The Macro sits down with the co-founders of medical marijuana delivery platform [Meadow]( (YC W15).

Goodybag (YC W16) Simplifies Catering for Enterprises

Anyone who has used a catering service for meetings or corporate gatherings can explain how frustrating the entire process is. What seems like a simple task actually involves…

OctaveWealth (YC S12) is a Full Service 401(k) for SMBs

Administering 401(k) plans can be quite confusing for small and medium sized enterprises, which still use paper-based solutions. Online 401(k) providers integrate with digital payroll but fail to…

Boom (YC W16) is Building an Affordable Supersonic Aircraft

Boom is a company launching out of our Winter 2016 class that is building a 40-seat supersonic plane for business travel. The current prototype has a maximum speed…

Perlstein Lab (YC W16) Automates Drug Discovery for Rare Diseases

Major pharmaceutical companies rarely focus on orphan diseases, conditions that affect less than 200,000 people nationwide. While many are complex, around 4,000 orphan diseases are caused by only…

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