Mark Thurman

Mark is a Product Engineer on the YC Admissions team. He graduated from the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. Previously he worked on backend systems and API design for Evernote and In his free time he enjoys reading, traveling with his family, and cooking.

Inside YC: The Admissions Team

Twice a year, YC accepts applications from startups around the world. The Admissions Team is responsible for designing that process and reviewing the tens of thousands of applications we receive each year.

How do we review that many applications? Mostly, it’s lots of people reading lots of applications! There’s no secret machine learning model that can find companies with great potential. Instead, we build lots of custom software to help our team work efficiently. Our app reading software allows us to quickly read applications, send messages to founders if we have any questions, and decide which teams we want to interview.

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