SendHub (YC W12) launches the best phone service for businesses on iOS and Android, supports call, text, call transfer, and group messages

SendHub, the Y Combinator-backed call and messaging solution targeting business users and other organizations, is today extending its platform to include support for Android. The company had previously rolled out support for iPhone almost a year ago, promising that an Android option was on the roadmap.

Like the iOS version, the new app also includes support for calling and texting over Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G or cellular voice networks, support for group messages, the ability to add auto-responders and contacts, and more. In addition, it includes support for call transfers – a feature which is currently in the Apple App Store review process, expected to launch in a week or so.

The call transfer feature, like many the company has added in recent months, is designed with the needs of businesses in mind.

SendHub, for those unfamiliar, is something like a more feature-rich alternative to something like Google Voice. While previously targeting both individuals and businesses, it went after the business market more directly with the launch of its SendHub Manger at the beginning of the year. From an online platform, organizations using Manager can access a dashboard where they can create, move, or delete lines for their staff, as well as backup and export the company’s text-based communications.

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ReelSurfer (YC S12) gets a makeover, adds NY Times and ESPN

Y Combinator grad ReelSurfer is an instant video editor, born out of its founders frustration of trying to find clips, quotes and scenes from their favorite movies on YouTube and other video sites. The process is probably familiar to you: Search for clip, don’t find it; if you do find it, it’s part of a larger clip, so you have to download, convert and clip the video yourself.

So, ReelSurfer developed the tools to let you clip any video from any website and share it with your “homies” and “homedawgs” over the Facebooks, Twitters and more. Or at least that’s the eventual goal. In truth, ReelSurfer’s design has been less-than-perfect and it hasn’t really allowed you to clip any video. Yes, YouTube has a lot of videos. Like a lot. But that’s not the only media player out there.

Today, ReelSurfer has officially unveiled a redesigned interface, which looks a whole helluva lot better and makes it easier to navigate and makes its URL search box even more prominent — as it should be.

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Kippt (YC S12), an Evernote for the Web, launches new API and App Gallery

Kippt, which lets you collect and share content from across the web, is looking to attract developers with a brand-new API and gallery of apps.

The two-person startup has relied on outside developers to have a mobile presence on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Kippt just relocated back to San Francisco from Helsinki, almost a year after graduating from YCombinator’s summer batch.

“An API is not only good for us, but it’s good for our users,” said Karri Saarinen, who co-founded Kippt and leads design. “There are some companies that fear this kind of openness will somehow harm the company, but we feel it brings value.”

He pointed to more than a dozen third-party apps that bring Kippt to the iPhone, or turn it into an elegant mobile reading list. Popular reading app Pocket added support for Kippt recently too. Saarinen said that some developers have already organized hack days around the API.

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SmartAsset (YC S12) launches the most in-depth way to understand buying a home, now with even more helpful data

If the game of Life taught us anything, it is that buying a house is one of the most important decisions a person can make. Today, personal finance startup SmartAsset has significantly expanded its platform that provides people with tools they need to make intelligently make home-buying decisions.

Y Combinator-backed SmartAsset prompts users with a series of questions about their income, deductions, assets, geography, and expenses. Based on the responses, the engine generates personalizes advice on what is affordable and why, how a purchase will affect cash flow, tax consequences and more. The new features include mortgage advice, government programs, neighborhood recommendations, and home appreciations.


Now in addition to factoring in personal information, tax codes, transaction expenses, and dynamic property values, SmartAsset will also answer questions about mortgage insurance, and types, checks if users qualify for government programs, make neighborhood recommendations based on data about local crime rates, school quality, weather, and commute times. The company also partnered with Moody’s, which provides credit ratings and research, to forecast home appreciation by county. Carvin said this is the first time this data has been made public.

Backlift (YC W12) launches a back-end service for front-end developers, works great with Dropbox, Backbone, and Angular

Backlift, a Y Combinator-backed startup that’s launching today, describes itself as a back-end service for front-end developers. The service takes all of the work of setting up a server environment out of the equation and just lets front-end developers focus on their work. All a user needs is a Dropbox account – Backlift uses Dropbox as a file syncing service – and a text editor. With Backlift, a developer doesn’t need to know how to set up Rails,Django or node.js to get started.

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ZenPayroll (YC W12) launches ZenPayroll for Accountants, making it easy for them to manage all their clients from one dashboard

YC-backed ZenPayroll, the startup that offers an easy to use, cloud-based payroll application, is debuting a new product today—ZenPayroll for Accountants.

ZenPayroll, which has a list of all-star investors, is disrupting a space that incumbents like ADP and Paychex have dominated for some time. The startup offers a much simpler, cloud-based way to automate all payroll tax calculations and payments, as well as provide direct deposit to employees. And the application allows for filing of all payroll-related government documents paperlessly.

With the initial product, ZenPayroll was aiming at small businesses and companies who use ADP. With the launch of ZenPayroll for Accountants, the startup is hoping to attract independent accountants, bookkeepers and CPAs who manage a number of small businesses.

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Optimizely (YC W10) raises $28M from Benchmark Capital, growing over 400% a year

Many congrats to the Optimizely team!

    • Raised $28 million led by Benchmark Capital with participation by Bain Capital Ventures, Battery Ventures, InterWest Partners, and Google Ventures.
    • Annual revenue growth rate over 400% and revenue run rate in double digit millions.
    • Expanding to 9 languages representing 36 countries.
    • Signed 56,000 sq ft lease at a beautiful new San Francisco office with room to grow to 450 people.
    • Big investment in making website personalization as easy and fun as we’ve made A/B testing.
    • We’re just getting started.

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Tastemaker (YC S12) launches a personalized interior design service for the rest of us - world class interior design starting at $400

Tastemaker, the online interior design service that matches you to the right interior designer and then delivers a custom decorating package right to your door, launched today. We check out the cool new service, and chat with Co-founder and CEO, Joe Fraiman.

An online interior design company carrying the tagline "Design for everyone," Tastemaker aims to make personal interior designer services easy and affordable. The service is a little bit like Match for decorating: you take a visual design personality quiz, answer some questions about your maddening design 'ish (Boring bedroom? Cluttered living room? No problem) and share a little about your project budget. Next, Tastemaker's personalized service matches you with three potential interior designers—for free. You choose the one that suits your needs, and the fun begins!


Think personalized interior design consulting for the rest of us—or expertly guided DIY decorating. (All with a click of a mouse!) Pricing ranges from as low as $400 up to about two grand on the splurge end of the tastemaking spectrum.

Tastemaker launches today in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York, but the company has plans to expand and Fraiman notes the business model is set up to scale for additional cities fairly quickly as demand grows.

Creative Market (YC W10) releases an Adobe Photoshop extension that lets you buy premium design content without ever leaving Photoshop

Creative Market just launched its Photoshop Extension, now bringing the ability to buy creative items all the way into the main design tool designers love to use. All items purchased are instantly installed and usable, including brushes, textures, templates, and most anything else you can buy on Creative Market. 

Download the Photoshop Extension now at Creative Market

Coderwall (YC W12) launches Pitchbox, a recruiting service for the very best hackers to find their dream jobs

Y Combinator-backed Coderwall started out as a social site for developers to list their achievements and projects, but it has been moving into recruiting — first by allowing companies to build their own profiles and now with the launch of a new service called Pitchbox.

It’s a separate site from Coderwall, where developers describe the salary and work they’d want from their dream jobs. Then Pitchbox uses a combination of human curation and automation to recommend positions that they might be interested in, delivered as a personalized pitch. If the developer is interested, Pitchbox arranges for a 10-minute conversation with a developer at the recruiting company.

Founder Matt Deiters said this has a number of advantages over the normal recruiting process. For one thing, it avoids the random spam that developers often receive (and ignore) from recruiters. For another, it puts people who aren’t actively looking for new jobs in a position where they can still hear about opportunities that they’d be genuinely excited about.

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