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Prerequisites for Starting a Company – Phil Libin

Phil Libin is the cofounder and CEO of All Turtles. Prior to that he was the CEO of Evernote. This is his 2013 Startup School talk.

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The Two Most Common Mistakes Growth Stage Founders Make

In this Office Hours excerpt, Ali Rowghani shares the two most common mistakes growth stage founders make. They are: 1. Not recognizing the job description changes as you grow. 2. Rushing or forcing hiring.

How to Get Started with App Store Optimization

The key challenge for organic strategies for mobile is app store optimization, commonly known as ASO. ASO is the process of optimizing elements which allow an app to have the maximum visibility for specific search terms in Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. This post covers how to get started.

bxblue Is the Only Marketplace for Payroll-Secured Loans in Brazil

Before bxblue, Brazilians who wanted a payroll-secured loan had to talk to bank agencies or count on freelance street brokers who often directed them to loans that paid the agent the highest commission. bxblue is taking a shady offline practice and replacing it with a transparent online marketplace.

YC Summer 2017 Stats

Today is Y Combinator’s 25th Demo Day. With 124 companies presenting over the next two days, this is the largest Demo Day in YC’s 12.5 year history.
We wanted to share some stats about YC and about the batch.

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The CEO Who Pays Employees to De-Locate From the Bay

Wade Foster is the CEO of Zapier (YC S12). This year Zapier announced their De-Location Package, which is a $10,000 offer for new Bay Area employees and their families to relocate to a home outside the Bay Area. Also discussed: Lessons learned while building a remote team and Wade’s racquetball tips.

Read This Before You Build Uber for X

We still hear it all the time: “I’m building the Uber for X.” That idea – an app that lets consumers get a specific service when they need it, while giving service professionals (“pros”) immediate work – makes complete sense. It worked great for local transportation services, so why could it not be applicable across all types of industries?

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