The First YC Conference

Recently we realized that the YC alumni network is now so big that we could start to organize entire conferences where the audience and the speakers were all YC founders.  There are now around 450 alumni, most of them still in the Bay Area, and some of the older startups are now quite formidable.  We had the first conference last night, about SEO, and it it seems to have been a success.

The atmos at a conference where all the participants already have some connection to one another is much more productive.  The speakers were completely open, because they knew they didn't have to worry about someone cherry picking quotes in a blog post to make them look bad.  And the questions from the audience were much more focused.  I learned a lot.  In fact it was one of the most interesting conferences I've attended, and I'm not even interested in SEO.

(Did you know Google actually has more like 85% market share, as measured by referral traffic?  A lot of searches on Yahoo and Bing are actually internal searches.  Even more interesting is that Google doesn't try to correct the public perception that their share of the search market is lower.  They're so dominant they'd rather seem smaller.)

The speakers included Ian Hogarth of Songkick (S07), Jared Friedman of Scribd (S06), Tony Wright of RescueTime (W08), and one person who wasn't part of the alumni network: Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz, whom Ian described as "the Jedi Master of SEO."  When we were asking which of the alumni knew the most about SEO, a lot of people after recommending someone would add: "but Rand Fishkin is the guy you really want." So we asked Rand if he could come and were delighted to find he could.  One thing I've learned from doing YC is to be able to recognize people who know what they're talking about, even when I don't understand the domain.  Rand is a guy who knows what he's talking about.

He posted his presentation online:

Since this worked so well we're going to organize more conferences. The next two will be about fundraising and acquistion-- two more topics where the experts know all kinds of interesting tricks, but will only talk candidly about them to people they trust.

Feb 25: Y Combinator Seattle Meetup

Come by the RescueTime offices at from 6.30pm on February 25 to talk with Harj Taggar from Y Combinator and several Seattle based YC alumni. Harj was a founder of Auctomatic, acquired by Live Current Media in 2008. Tony Wright of RescueTime, Mike Miller of Cloudant, Niall Smart of Echodio and Phil Yuen, founder of TextPayMe (acquired by Amazon in 2006), will also be there.

We'll be bringing in pizza and beers and hanging out all evening to talk about startups and answer any of your questions about YC.

This is a great opportunity for those who have applied, or are considering applying, for the next YC round to tell us more about your application in person and learn about YC from founders who have been through the process.

CardPool (W10) Wants To Buy And Sell Your Unused Gift Cards

Gift cards can be a double edged sword. I recently got married and received a number of gift cards to stores where I never shop. But at the same time, I don't want the value of the card to go to waste. There have been a number of auction-like marketplaces, such as Plastic Jungle and Rackup, that have popped up to allow users can buy and sell their gift cards to each other in an eBay like interface (you can also do this eBay itself). Y Combinator startup CardPool is entering the space but with a slightly different twist to its model. Card Pool allows users to both buy and sell gift cards.

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Bump’s (W09) Mobile Data Swapping API Now Open To Everyone

Last December, mobile data swapping startup Bump opened up its iPhone API in a small, private beta. Today, they're opening the floodgates to everyone. Developers who implement Bump's API can use it to transfer data between two nearby phones simply by asking users to tap their devices together - a feat that's still remarkably difficult on most smart phones.

To kickstart its API launch, Bump held a contest that invited developers to work the API into their iPhone applications. You can see a gallery of the winners here. The winning apps include CheckOut, which lets you share gift cards with friends by tapping your phones together; CloudNote, which lets you swap digital Post-It notes; and SocialFuse, which allows you to connect on Twitter and LinkedIn with someone (again, by tapping your phones together). Be sure to check out the gallery page for a half dozen runners-up to get more ideas of what the API can do.

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Mixpanel (S09) Raises Seed Funding From Metrics Gurus Max Levchin And Michael Birch

Mixpanel, the Y Combinator-funded startup that looks to give web services more powerful analytics tools than other popular solutions, has gotten the endorsement of two of the biggest names in the space: Slide and PayPal founder Max Levchin, and Bebo and BirthdayDay alarm founder Michael Birch. The two of them have invested a total of around half a million dollars into Mixpanel.

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Hackathon at Berkeley this weekend!

The annual Hackathon is coming up this weekend. We expect 100 people to show up and spend the night starting at 6pm. The hacking will take place from 6pm on Friday in the Wozniak Lounge at Soda Hall, and end at 12pm on Saturday. Thats 18 hours of hacking craziness followed by presentations from the teams and deliberation by the 9 judges from Zynga, Facebook, Y Combinator, and EECS peeps @ Berkeley.

If you are a hacker, show up at 6pm for a brief description of the rules and Zachary’s Pizza. If you aren’t show up at 12 on Saturday to hear about the projects (or stop by Friday night/Saturday morning to watch the madness). Winners can expect a choice between the Amazon Kindle (which just launched an SDK), pocket projectors, or 80 GB solid state drives. Expect awesome t-shirts for everyone that lasts 18 hours and shaving creme to the head of anyone that doesn’t.

If you can’t make it to the event, expect a live blog here at ST@B and check in regularly to the live stream here to confirm everyone is still alive and coding.

Thanks to Zynga for sponsoring, we like those guys!


Trevor will be one of the judges at this year's Hackathon at Berkeley. Have fun everyone!