Startups And Top Investors Unite At Y Combinator’s Tenth Demo Day

I’m here at Y Combinator headquarters in Mountain View, California, where over two dozen startups are showing off their wares to a room full of investors and press. The room is packed with with some of Silicon Valley’s most highly regarded VCs, angel investors, and entrepreneurs.

Demo Day has always drawn big crowds, but as the Y Combinator program has matured the quality of startups presenting has gotten noticably better (I remember being thoroughly impressed by many of the companies that launched in the last batch). Today’s companies look like they’ll be continuing that trend, even though many of them are only three months old.

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Dropbox interview now online

Interview #3 (Drew Houston of Dropbox) in the YC Founders at Work Series is now online:

I had some audio difficulties and unfortunately a few of my questions were inaudible. I'll type them up and add them to this post soon!

Data Marketplace (W10) Is An Amazon For Structured Information

There has always been a vibrant ecosystem around financial data. Financial institutions, such as hedge funds and investment banks, pay thousands of dollars for quantitative tabular data (financial data in spreadsheets). But now, the web has provided a mechanism to distribute and publish large amounts of data, but much of this data is raw (meaning, it’s not built into a spreadsheet format) and hard to find in a Google search. And finding the data, and then putting the data into a format that is easy to digest can be a laborious task. Y Combinator’s Data Marketplace is hoping to change this by providing a platform where financial professionals can request data sets and then data aggregators/consultants can then find and format the appropriate data.

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