in Time Magazine: "Quickly becoming one of the hottest entertainment properties on the web."

This Is The Hottest Online Video Service You've Never Heard Of (

How many gamers does it take to catch a Pokemon? 1.1 million, apparently. That’s how many people played the Game Boy classic Pokemon Red—together—on the video game streaming website in February. As the game streamed online, people used a chat client to submit 122 million button inputs, often simultaneously, to control the movements of the main character as he pursued his quest of becoming a Pokemon master. It was an impractical but oddly hypnotic way to try to beat a video game. After two and a half weeks of wildly scrolling through menus, running in erratic circles, and occasionally defeating enemies, the gamers collectively toppled the Elite Four and saw the end credits roll. But the true victor of the endeavor was itself, which is quickly becoming one of the hottest entertainment properties on the Web.

Joe Ariel of Goldbely (YC W13) interviewed in Forbes — democratizing the food industry

Joe Ariel is a New York City transplant who opened up shop in San Francisco with his startup Goldbely. The idea is simple: a food delivery service.

That's not new, of course. But the company distinguishes itself by finding locally sourced gourmet foods from around the country and delivering them to a person's doorstep. And not just so-called gourmet food, either: Think cannolis from Carlo's Bake Shop -- of "Cake Boss" fame -- in New Jersey, sourdough bread from Boudin in the Bay Area, Blue Bell ice cream from Texas, or a pastrami and corned beef sandwich from Katz's Delicatessen in New York City.

Ariel, 37, wants to help local purveyors gain a national audience. He calls it "democratizing the food industry." And lest you think he is just one more in a long line of trendy food entrepreneurs, Ariel insists that he dislikes the pretension of the word "foodie" (preferring to call himself a "food explorer") and simply wants to share the best that America has to offer.

Ariel is a serial entrepreneur -- he was once the CEO of and -- and holds a bachelor's degree in economics from Vanderbilt University. He spoke with us.

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SketchDeck (YC W14) Turns Terrible Slide Decks Into Beautiful Presentations In Just A Day

A number of startups over the years have tried to reinvent PowerPoint with services that made it easier or quicker to create a slideshow presentation. Newly launched SketchDeck is taking a different approach: Instead of providing an alternative to PowerPoint or similar software applications, it’s offering a service that enables individuals or businesses to have their slides made beautiful by a team of designers who can turn around assignments within 24 hours.

Explains SketchDeck co-founder and CEO Chris Finneral, this kind of service actually already exists, but only within larger organizations, like banks or consultancies. He would know, as Finneral himself used to work as a business analyst at McKinsey in London where he made thousands of slideshows himself.

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Grouper (YC W12) launches its social club in the UK — now available in London


Feeling spontaneous? Pick two of your mates and get on Grouper, a new “social club” that matches you and two of your wingmen or wingwomen with another trio of the opposite sex for a night out on the town.

After launching in New York in the summer of 2011 and expanding into 25 cities across the U.S., Grouper is now in the UK, gaining fans and swift momentum across the different neighbourhoods of London. To date, we have proudly hosted tens of thousands of nights out and hangovers worldwide.

Matterport (YC W12) in the San Jose Mercury News: A New 3D Modeling System

Matterport in the San Jose Mercury News:

The next time you move, you may be able to give friends and family members a virtual tour of your new house, thanks to new technology from a Silicon Valley startup.

Mountain View-based Matterport on Thursday is set to begin offering for sale a camera and a service that can create 3-D models of interior spaces or outdoor scenes.

At $4,500, the camera is not priced for consumers. But Matterport hopes it will appeal to professional photographers, real estate companies and other businesses that could use it on websites targeted at consumers. In the near future, when smartphones have 3-D cameras built into them, consumers might be able to upload their pictures to Matterport's service directly.

"It will be like taking a movie," said Bill Brown, Matterport's CEO. "You can capture a place and explore it later."

Sendhub (YC W12) launches iOS 7 app, with improved call notifications and Groups

From the SendHub blog

Today we’re excited to announce the newly re-designed SendHub app for iOS 7.  It’s available for iPhone and iPod Touch, it’s free, and you can download it here.  At SendHub, we strive to make business communications fast and simple. Our latest iOS 7 update brings simplifications to our user interface, making it even easier to communicate with your customers and coworkers.

What’s New

    • A fresh, brand new iOS 7 style design
    • Easier to use, more accessible Groups
    • Improved call notifications, so you never miss an important call
    • A unified Contacts list which lists your Favorites at the top
    • Improvements in speed and reliability

We’re excited to share the new app update with our thousands of customers who have come to trust SendHub for their telephony. We hope you enjoy the new iOS 7 app!

Female Founders Conference videos are now online

Videos from YC's first Female Founders Conference are now up on our YouTube page.

Apologies for the delay in pushing the talks live. We hope you'll take away some great lessons from the speakers. 

Jessica Livingston - Founder, Y Combinator

Adora Cheung - Founder, Homejoy

Julia Hartz - Founder, Eventbrite

Elli Sharef - Founder, HireArt

Kathryn Minshew - Founder, The Muse

Dr. Elizabeth Iorns - Founder, Science Exchange

Fundraising Panel 

Jessica Mah - Founder, inDinero

YC-Backed Orankl (YC W14) Gives Small Vendors The Same Tools As Amazon

Customer reviews are the backbone of sites like Amazon (where they have turned into a platform for some of the most inspired comedic writing on the Internet), but it can be difficult for smaller retailers to convince shoppers to leave feedback. Orankl, a Y Combinator-backed startup, wants to give all e-commerce businesses the same tools as their larger rivals.

The company’s first product is a review system that can be installed with one click on supported platforms like Shopify or by copying-and-pasting a few lines of code. Feedback forms automatically match the style of each site and the system generates emails that remind customers to leave a review. The startup says some of the sites that have already installed its review system have increased sales by 15% to 20%.

Intern at a YC Company

Would you like to intern at a YC company this summer? We're helping place paid interns at YC-backed companies like Dropbox, Stripe, Optimizely and others. 

You'll get: 
> A chance to work with one of Silicon Valley's most exciting companies
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Please fill out our application by March 21, 2014. We'll notify you by March 31 if you've been accepted.

AirPair (YC W14) Expands Its Live Programming Assistance By Partnering With Stripe, Twilio, And Others

"AirPair, a startup that offers live, online consultation with programming experts, is announcing today that it has partnered with more than a dozen companies. Those partnerships are supposed to connect people having difficulty using a certain API with others who can help...

Co-founder Jonathon Kresner told me that one of the main ways customers use AirPair is to get help integrating an API like Stripe’s. He argued that this is part of a larger trend that he described as “the API-ification of the web.” By making more services and integrations available via APIs, companies are “empowering people” by “lowering the bar for them to build useful things,” Kresner said, but this also creates its own technical challenges.

So AirPair has formalized its efforts in this area by partnering with the companies that built the APIs in question. Those companies can now identify experts in their larger developer communities, and if those experts are willing, AirPair can then connect them with users who need help with a specific API, and who are willing to pay for the experts’ time. AirPair’s initial partners include Algolia, TwoTap, TrueVault, Unbabel, Balanced, Evernote, Searchmetrics, Stripe, Keen IO, Twilio, Sendwithus, TokBox, Framed Data, SendGrid, Human API, Vero, the Echo Nest, and AdRoll." 

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