Zapier (YC S12) is adding 28 apps to the service in 28 days

Zapier is a service that connects the web apps you use and lets you easily move your data and automate tasks. This month they're integrating with one app every day. Days one through three featured integrations with Slack, Facebook and Balanced (YC W11), a payment processor for marketplaces. 

Since February is the month of love, we thought we'd show you how much we love you by adding a new app to Zapier every day—that's 28 apps in 28 days, to be precise.

You'll see integrations with major consumer internet services, like Instagram, SoundCloud and reddit, and business-oriented services that solve major problems for their users, like Intercom, Sqwiggle and HelloSign.

DataRank (YC S13) raises $1.4M for its online analytics platform for brands

Recent Y Combinator grad DataRank, which helps companies track online conversations related to their brands and perform other competitive analysis, has closed on $1.4 million in seed funding, the team is announcing today. The funding is led by New Road Ventures, and also includes participation from FundersClub and other angel investors.

Founded in October 2011 by Ryan Frazier, Chuong Nguyen, and Kenny Cason, and headquartered in Fayetteville, Ark., DataRank lives far outside the Valley, but its unusual home base is one that turned out to be more practical over the years, as the company shifted from its original focus of being a financial tool to one tracking data for consumer product companies.

That’s because the world’s largest brick-and-mortar retailer, Walmart, is also headquartered in nearby Bentonville. Today, there are roughly 1,400 consumer product companies with research teams in the area surrounding Walmart, explains Frazier, who is DataRank’s CEO. “Being able to walk into those places – sitting down, showing them your product and getting immediate feedback, has been immensely helpful,” he says.

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Asseta (YC S13), A Marketplace For Used Manufacturing Equipment, Raises $535K

Asseta, the B2B marketplace for used manufacturing equipment which was sort of the odd one out in Y Combinator’s summer 2013 program last year, has now scored a seed round of $535,000. Investors included Ace & Company, Beenos Partners, Matt Huang, and others, as well as help from the WeFunder and AngelList crowdfunding platforms. The latter two were responsible for $271,000 of the funding.

Framed Data (YC W14) Helps Developers Understand The People Behind Their User Numbers

With more marketing tools like Facebook’s ad platform around, getting smartphone users to install your app is increasingly straightforward. A study recently found that the average American user has 25 apps on their smartphone. But figuring out how to convince users to keep returning to your app instead of letting it languish on their mobile is much harder. Y Combinator-backed Framed Data, which just launched out of closed beta and counts Twitch.TV as a client, wants to make it easy for developers to parse user behavior, even if they don’t have a data scientist on their team.

New YC Partner Investment Policy

As of this batch we're introducing a new policy for investments by YC partners in the companies we fund.

YC partners have invested in the startups we fund since the first batch. In the beginning it was harmless, and occasionally even necessary. And other investors couldn't treat investments by YC partners as much of a signal when I was the only one doing it, because I was so haphazard about it. But over the years this gradually changed, as there came to be more YC partners and they paid more attention to picking likely winners, till by the last couple batches, other investors could treat investment by YC partners as an accurate sign of how promising we thought a startup was. Which meant we were now making it harder for the startups that partners didn't invest in to raise money.

Our new policy is designed to prevent this by depriving other investors of this signal till it's too late. The new rule is that YC partners can't be in the first $500k a company raises, unless it's 3 weeks past Demo Day. And since a startup's fundraising trajectory is almost always established, one way or another, by 3 weeks after Demo Day, this should mean that we can't affect anyone's fundraising unless they've raised $500k, at which point their fundraising is already successful.

This should fix the problem.  If it doesn't we'll try something else.

Rocketrip (YC W14) Lets Your Boss Pay You For Saving Money While Traveling

"Rocketrip, a company out of the latest Y Combinator batch, wants to save companies money by paying the employee to find ways to travel on the cheap.

The idea behind Rocketrip: for every two dollars you save your company, you get paid one. If hotel rooms in the area are, say, $150 a night, and you opt to crash on a buddy’s couch instead, you just saved the company $150 bucks. You get a gift card for $75, and the company still saves $75. Find a promo code that saves you $10 off your rental car? Bam — that’s $5 bucks for you."

Automatic’s (YC S11) Smart Driving Assistant Can Now Turn Your Car Into An iBeacon

Automatic‘s smart driving assistant, which combines a small piece of hardware with powerful mobile apps, was designed to provide vehicles owners with new tools to understand how they can get more out of their car’s performance. Well, it recently added iBeacon functionality, which could fundamentally change the way users and their cars interact with other things around them.

Rap Genius (YC S11) announces the "Genius" iPhone app

On Rap Genius, artists and their fans explore lyrics interactively via line-by-line annotations they can read, create, and edit as part of a worldwide knowledge project. Rap Genius is the brain we all share: beyond music, it is the Wikipedia of all text, including poetry, news, history, science, the Bible, fashion, and much more. The Genius app – your pocket guide to human culture – brings the Rap Genius brain to your phone.

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