YC Founders at Work Interview: Posterous

Posterous is one of the most popular startups we've funded. They make it super easy to make a good looking blog. When you want to post something, all you have to do is email it. We use it ourselves for the YC blog. Sachin Agarwal and Garry Tan founded Posterous in 2008 and were part of YC's summer '08 funding cycle.

Need to process payments?

There's a YC-funded startup working on payment processing done right.  They're already processing payments for a lot of other YC startups, and now they're looking to expand their private beta to some more companies.

If you're a US company that wants to start processing payments soon or is willing to switch payment processors, send them an email at jbrochanc@mit.edu.

The product is developer focused, which is a dramatic departure from the status quo in the payments business. It has been getting rave reviews from the companies that have been using it.

Late applications for summer 2010 have all been considered

We've now read all the late applications for summer 2010 and contacted the groups we wanted to talk to in person, so if you submitted a late application and you haven't heard from us by now, that means we're not going to fund you this summer. Please don't let that get you down, because it is much harder (about 3x harder) for a late application to be accepted. We saw plenty of late applications we would have invited to interviews if they'd applied as part of the regular process. We hope groups that applied late will consider applying again for the next YC cycle, whose application deadline will be this fall.