For a company that has somehow stayed mostly off the tech press’ radar, TiKL has had a pretty friggin’ good year.

With $0 spent on marketing, its two mobile apps, TiKL Touch To Talk and Talkray, have nabbed a total of 28 million downloads. After taking part in Y Combinator’s Winter 2012 class, they raised a $2.1 million Series A from some of the biggest names in the Valley.

Today TiKL is unveiling the other half of its business strategy: the Talkray API.

(Before we dive much deeper, a quick bit of background on what their apps actually do: TiKL Touch To Talk is a walkie-talkie app, bringing cross-platform push-to-talk-functionality to Android and iPhone. Talkray is a broader communications app, with things like group calling and voice mail.)

Using their new API, TiKL says mobile developers will be able to easily add text chats (both one-on-one and group chats), voice calling for groups as large as 25, voice mail, image and video transfers, and just about any other feature from the Talkray app into their own applications and games on iOS or Android.

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