Two weeks ago launched Broadcasts, a tool that lets you send and receive important messages via push notification. In the words of Dalton Caldwell,’s CEO and a part-time partner at YC, “It’s the newsletter, reimagined for mobile.”

To receive Broadcasts, a subscriber needs only to download the free app for iOS and Android.

Broadcasts slice through noisy social feeds and cluttered inboxes, and are only delivered to users who explicitly subscribe to the channel.

For those of you who’d like to receive YC related updates via push, we’ve set up four Broadcast Channels you can subscribe to:

Y Combinator News > Get notified whenever the YC blog is updated (mostly news and happenings related to our portfolio companies)

YC Application & Event Alerts > Get notified of important events and application deadlines

YC Jobs > Get notified when new jobs at YC portfolio companies are posted on Hacker News

Startup School News > Get notified when Startup School applications open, when videos are posted and more

Read more about Broadcasts here.