We’ve cut down the first week of Startup School lectures to be even shorter and combined them into one podcast.

First, a lecture from Kevin Hale. Kevin is a YC partner and a cofounder of Wufoo. His lecture is about How to Evaluate Startup Ideas.

Then, a lecture from Eric Migicovsky. Eric is a YC partner and the founder of Pebble. His lecture is about How to Talk to Users.


00:00 – Intro

00:43 – Kevin Hale on How to Evaluate Startup Ideas

2:04 – How can I predict if an investor will like my idea?

2:50 – A startup idea is a hypothesis

5:44 – Problem

6:59 – Solution

8:16 – Insight

8:57 – Unfair advantages

13:45 – Two beliefs about startups

15:19 – Eric Migicovsky on How to Talk to Users

17:36 – Three common errors people make when talking to users

20:20 – Five questions to ask in a user interview

20:28 – What’s the hardest part about doing the thing you’re trying to solve?

21:02 – Tell me about the last time that you encountered this problem

21:22 – Why was this hard?

23:08 – What, if anything, have you done to try to solve this problem?

24:10 – What don’t you love about the solutions you’ve already tried?

25:21 – Three stages in which talking to users is extremely beneficial

26:07 – Idea stage

30:40 – Prototype stage

33:41 – Iterating towards product market fit


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A transcript is on the way.