The second leg of Alexis Ohanian’s Without Their Permission tour kicks off next week. YC will be joining Alexis at the following stops: 

> Monday, January 13: University of Toronto – Fireside with AeroFS founder and part-time YC partner Yuri Sagalov

> Thursday, January 23: CalTech – Office hours with YC partner Kevin Hale

> Friday, January 24: UCLA – Office hours with YC partner Kevin Hale

> Sunday, January 26: University of Washington – Fireside with Sift Science cofounder Jason Tan

> Monday, January 27: Stanford University – Fireside with YC partner and Posterous cofounder Garry Tan and office hours with YC partners

> Tuesday, January 28: UC Berkeley – Fireside with Caviar cofounder Jason Wang and office hours with YC partner Kevin Hale

> Wednesday, January 29: University of Oregon – Fireside with Wevorce cofounder Jeff Reynolds 

> Monday, February 3: Dartmouth College – Fireside with Priceonomics cofounder Rohin Dhar

> Tuesday, February 4: Syracuse University 

> Wednesday, February 5: Cornell University

> Tuesday, February 18: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne – Office hours with YC partner Sam Altman

> Wednesday, February 19: Northwestern University – Fireside with YC Director of Outreach Kat Manalac

> Wednesday, February 19: University of Chicago – Office hours with YC partner Sam Altman