We believe creating a platform where successful women can share their stories and advice with founders who are just getting started is one way to bring about even more successful women-led companies.

In 2018, rather than hosting one conference in the Bay Area, we’re hosting 3 events: one in Seattle in February, one in New York over the summer and one in the Bay Area in the fall.

The first Y Combinator Female Founders Conference event of the year will be hosted on February 3 at The Riveter in Seattle, a female-founded workspace that supports women founders and leaders.

Here’s the live stream and schedule.

2:00 PM – Welcome – Kat Mañalac (YC)
2:05 PM – Founder Talk – Avni Patel Thompson (Poppy)
2:30 PM – Intro to Leap – Cadran Cowansage (YC)
2:40 PM – Fundraising Panel – Kristen Hamilton (Koru), Beth Kolko (Shift Labs), Amy Nelson (The Riveter) – Moderated by Kirsty Nathoo (YC)
3:55 – Founder Talk – Kieran Snyder (Textio)
4:20 PM – On-Stage Pitch Practice and Office Hours – Adora Cheung, Anu Hariharan, Holly Liu (YC)
4:55 PM – YC Partner AMA – Adora Cheung, Anu Hariharan, Holly Liu, Kat Mañalac, Kirsty Nathoo – Moderated by Sharon Pope (YC)
5:30 PM – Goodbye – Kat Mañalac (YC)