Becoming a parent is an amazing, life-changing experience, but it can also be one that’s isolating and lonely – especially if your pre-baby social activities involved spur-of-the moment invites, happy hours, and nights out on the town. Parenthoods, a new Y Combinator-backed mobile platform, wants to help with the social isolation parenthood can bring by offering a community for local moms and dads where they can connect with others like them right from their mobile phone.

The company was founded by Siobhan Quinn, a former Foursquare and Google product manager, and Jeni Axline, previously a Director of Production at Say Media. The two are longtime friends who first met at University of Washington, before relocating to San Francisco to work in the tech industry – an industry which today still struggles with gender diversity issues. A majority of tech companies today are founded and run by men, from the executive ranks on down – and that, ironically, includes a number of companies those catering to the “mommy” crowd.