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Baidu’s COO, Qi Lu Discusses AI with Daniel Gross

At our Global Growth Conference Daniel Gross interviewed Qi Lu about artificial intelligence.

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Tencent’s Chief eXploration Officer, David Wallerstein on WeChat, QQ, and Gaming

At our Global Growth Conference Anu Hariharan interviewed David Wallerstein about his experiences and learnings at Tencent.

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Building Dota Bots That Beat Pros – OpenAI’s Greg Brockman, Szymon Sidor, and Sam Altman

We discuss OpenAI’s Dota bot which competed at The International. Greg Brockman is the CTO and cofounder of OpenAI. Szymon Sidor is a Research Scientist at OpenAI. Sam Altman is the President of Y Combinator and Co-Chairman of OpenAI.

Sales Advice for Technical Founders

You can have the best product or service, but if no one knows about it or understands the value, you won’t survive. In this post I’ll go over how to identify and prioritize low hanging leads, how to get in front of these leads, and what a successful sales conversation looks like.

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Cindy Mi on Building VIPKID, the World’s Largest English Learning Platform for Children

Cindy Mi is the founder and CEO of VIPKID. VIPKID is a 1-on-1 teaching platform where children in China learn english from North American teachers.

How Adversarial Attacks Work

Machine learning algorithms accept inputs as numeric vectors. Designing an input in a specific way to get the wrong result from the model is called an adversarial attack. In this article we will show practical examples of the main types of attacks, explain why is it so easy to perform them, and discuss the security implications that stem from this technology.

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The Most Important Decision is Getting Started – Laura Behrens Wu

Laura Behrens Wu is the CEO and cofounder of Shippo. She shared the story of founding Shippo at the 2017 Female Founders Conference.

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