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Cannabis Startup Founders David Hua and Vincent Ning on Legalization, Banking, and Industry Trends

David Hua is CEO and cofounder of Meadow. Meadow makes retail and delivery software for dispensaries. Vincent Ning is CEO and cofounder of Nabis. Nabis is a cannabis services group. They offer distribution, logistics, sales, and marketing.

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Fundraising Fundamentals by Geoff Ralston

YC Partner Geoff Ralston gives an introduction to the key concepts to keep in mind once you enter a fundraising process.

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Startup Technology – Technical Founder Advice

YC Partner Jared Friedman joins founders Lillian Chou (COO, Second Measure), Diana Hu (CTO, Escher Reality), Calvin French-Owen (CTO, Segment) and Ralph Gootee (CTO, PlanGrid), to talk about what can go right and wrong building technology.

October 2018 Hackathon Recap

Last weekend we hosted a hackathon for 250 people who made over 80 projects. Two teams won YC interviews and office hours: Evergreen and SquadUp. Three teams won office hours: All_ebt, Dorhami, and Kalshi.

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Running Your Company by Patrick Collison

YC Partner Adora Cheung, along with Patrick Collison, the founder of well known YC alumnus Stripe, discuss how to most effectively run a startup company towards success.

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A Conversation with Elizabeth Iorns: Advice for Biotech Founders

YC Partner Adora Cheung talks to Science Exchange Co-Founder and CEO Elizabeth Iorns about her experience as a biotech startup founder.

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Mathilde Collin on Feature Prioritization and Employee Retention at Front

Mathilde Collin is the cofounder and CEO of Front. Front is a shared inbox for teams and they were part of the YC Summer 2014 batch.

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