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Jared Friedman and Matt Long Discuss Work at a Startup

Jared Friedman and Matt Long discuss Work at a Startup and the Work at a Startup Expo on July 28th.

Join us at YC’s Work at a Startup Expo – July 28 in Mountain View

Are you a software engineer interested in joining a startup? This July 28, come to Y Combinator HQ for our Work at a Startup Expo. You can meet the founders of 35 rapidly growing YC companies and figure out the right startup for you.

Announcing YC’s Work at a Startup

Work at a Startup is like a common application for engineers to apply to many YC companies simultaneously. If you’re interested in joining a startup, we hope you’ll create a profile at workatastartup.com.

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Office Hours with Adora Cheung

Adora Cheung is a partner at YC and she also cofounded Homejoy, which went through YC in the Summer 2010 batch. If you have questions for a future office hours episode, just tweet them our way.

Hacker News Highlights: April & May 2018

Here are some of our favorite Hacker News comments from April and May: A HN user writes about exchanging emails with John Carmack in the way Carmack writes about emailing Steve Jobs, then Carmack joins the thread; Responding to post about Mandaeism, an ancient Gnostic religion, a HN user turns out to have been raised in it.

Introducing YC Series A Batches

We launched a Series A program 6 months ago, but we started prototyping the program 6 months before that with a few companies. In that year, we’ve learned a huge amount about what works and what doesn’t work when raising an A. We’re now ready to launch the next phase of the program: working with companies that are ready for a Series A in batches, just like regular YC.

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Advice for Students and Recent Graduates on Finding Jobs – Liz Wessel of WayUp

Liz Wessel is the cofounder and CEO of WayUp. WayUp is a job and internship platform for college students and recent graduates. They were part of the Winter 2015 YC batch.

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