Join Us for Startup School Presentation Day!

Startup School culminates in Presentation Day. On Presentation Day, founders will share videos that introduce their product and share the progress they’ve made during Startup School. Videos will be available at starting on Friday, June 16th at 8:00AM PDT.

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Office Hours with Ali Rowghani

Ali Rowghani is CEO of Y Combinator Continuity, where he invests in and advises growth-stage startups. Questions include: How do you retain executives? What are the most common mistakes you have seen growth stage founders make? What does an ideal board look like?

How To Build an oEmbed Integration for Your Startup, and Why It’s Necessary

In this article we’ll first take a look at why having an embed has become increasingly important given the current state of the web. Then we’ll dive into how to actually implement this for your own startup. Specifically, we’ll take a deeper look at an open protocol called oEmbed, and how to build an oEmbed integration that’s compatible with

The Monday Morning Macro: June 12, 2017

In this week’s email: YC is Hiring an Office Manager, How to Raise Money and How to Succeed Long-Term – Jess Lee, Aaron Harris, & Ali Rowghani, Scaling Product at Airbnb with Joe Gebbia and Reid Hoffman, and Live Office Hours with Kevin Hale and Dalton Caldwell.

What Founder Friendly Actually Means

Lots of VCs talk about being founder friendly. I’ve noticed that founders often misunderstand how that actually works. What “founder friendly” does and doesn’t mean is important to understand.

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How to Raise Money, and How to Succeed Long-Term – Jess Lee, Aaron Harris, & Ali Rowghani

Jess Lee (Partner at Sequoia Capital) and Aaron Harris (Partner at YC) discuss raising money as an early stage company, and how to think about the fundraising process. Ali Rowghani (CEO of YC Continuity, previously CFO, COO @ Twitter, CFO @ Pixar) shares his thoughts on how to be a great leader and succeed long-term.

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Rick and Morty Writer: Ryan Ridley

Ryan Ridley is a writer on Rick and Morty. Before that he was a writer on Community. We talk about the sci-fi elements of the show, their new VR game Virtual Rick-ality, and Ryan’s advice for creators.

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