Audm Brings You Longform Magazine Articles in Audio Form, Read Aloud by the World’s Top Narrators (YC S17)

As more of the world falls in love with digital audio, listeners will gravitate toward the best storytelling. But many of the best storytellers aren’t all making podcasts — they’re writing for The Atlantic, WIRED, Esquire, BuzzFeed News, The Daily Beast, Foreign Policy, and Audm’s two dozen other partners. Audm is eliminating the gap between writing for the printed page and reaching the exploding digital audio market.

HealthWiz Lowers Employers’ Healthcare Costs by Guiding Employees Through Their Healthcare Decisions (YC S17)

Health Wiz brings transparency and information to a messy healthcare system that allows employees to better navigate their benefits, resulting in less wasted spend and a faster return to health. They are rolling out three paying customers in August have a waitlist of additional customers that will launch in the fall.

PAYFAZZ Is Building Mobile Banking and Payment for Indonesia’s Unbanked (YC S17)

64% of Indonesia’s population is unbanked — that represents 120 million adults and 80 million children. Yet, half of the adult unbanked population in Indonesia currently have a smartphone. With PAYFAZZ any Indonesian with a smartphone can get access to mobile banking.

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Baidu’s AI Lab Director on Advancing Speech Recognition and Simulation

Adam Coates is the Director of Baidu’s Silicon Valley AI Lab. The lab’s mission is to develop AI technologies that will have a significant impact on the lives of at least 100 million people. We spent a good chunk of this episode talking about Adam’s work in speech to text and text to speech. If you want to learn more you can check out

Lessons From a Quarter Million Emails

Every weekend I send a newsletter, The Prepared, to a few thousand people. It focuses on engineering & manufacturing, where I’ve worked for about a decade, and over the past three and a half years it has become a core part of my career. Here are a few things I’ve learned along the way.

A Guide to Machine Learning PhDs

A machine learning learning PhD doesn’t only open up some of the highest-paying jobs around, it sets you up to have an outsized positive impact on the world. This comprehensive guide on machine learning PhDs from 80,000 Hours (YC S15) will help you get started.

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Padmasree Warrior on Designing Autonomous Vehicles – With Anu Hariharan at the Female Founders Conference

Padmasree Warrior is the CEO of NIO. During this interview with Anu Hariharan at the Female Founders Conference she shared her thoughts on autonomous vehicles and gave advice from her career as an engineer, manager, and founder.

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