“Real-time bidding” (where advertisers automatically bid on each ad impression) is a phrase that you hear more and more in the online ad world, but LeanMarket founder Cyrus Lohrasbpour says it’s still out-of-reach for smaller companies. Most RTB products are really built for large advertisers — they come with long-term commitments and high minimum ad buys, and to use them you have to negotiate with enterprise salespeople.

Lohrasbpour is looking to change that with his new startup, which offers a self-serve platform for real-time bidding. There are other self-serve options out there (for example, Engage:BDR launched one in May), but Lohrasbpour claims to be the first that’s “really lightweight and easy-to-use” while also getting the technology right. LeanMarket advertisers don’t have to deal with any salespeople, there’s no long-term commitment, and they can just pay by credit card.

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