Today, link-saving service Kippt has rebuilt itself to support the saving of content, moving well beyond simple URL strings. In the company’s view, the mere storage of a link isn’t incredibly valuable in and of itself, as the content that the link points to is in fact what you care about.

The new Kippt takes that concept, and pushes content forward. The refresh of the service builds on its previous iteration – links remain at its heart, which is necessary as “everything can be referenced by a URL.” Links are still how you input data into Kippt, but the service then turns that around to deliver something more.

Kippt can now be summarized simply: It’s the place where you can store anything that can be referenced by a URL, that you wish to store for later retrieval, whatever your need. The company specifically notes “everything from Dribbble shots to GitHub repositories” as content that it can manage.

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