Founded in early June, Instacart is the brainchild of Apoorva Mehta, an ex-Amazon Supply Chain engineer, who is leveraging his experience building Amazon’s own complex backend logistical system in the hopes of creating a more efficient back and front-end grocery delivery experience at Instacart.

While Instacart eventually wants to be with one-hour delivery for anything and everything, the startup is currently focusing on groceries. This means that users can tap-to-order from tens of thousands of items, ranging from produce and booze to deli food, snacks and toiletries. Inventory is sourced from local grocery stores, and Mehta has put together a fleet of trained delivery personnel, who are paid by the hour to pick up the items from local stores and deliver them directly to you — at your home or office.

The service is currently live in San Francisco, Mountain View and Palo Alto and is available between 10am and 9pm. As for the pricing? Users pay a competitive amount for items as they would were they to buy at their local grocery store, plus $9.99 for one-hour delivery and $3.99 for three-hour delivery. 

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