If you’re not familiar with hiring platform, HireArt, they’re the startup that inspired this memorable headline, courtesy of my colleague Sarah Perez. Yes, the Y Combinator-incubated startup launched in March last year to provide a new solution to an age-old problem experienced by every employer during the hiring process: Resumes are bullshit.

Job candidates have a tendency to oversell themselves and fluff up their qualifications in their resumes, leaving employers to sort out the wheat from the hyperbolic chaffe. So HireArt devised a solution in which employers can ask applicants to complete a series of tasks in their purported areas of expertise to help them get a better sense of their actual skills. Using the startup’s platform, candidates can search for jobs and positions that are relevant to them, complete challenges and fill out applications, sending the finished product to employers with one click.

Today, HireArt is bringing its model to one of the hottest arenas in Startup Land: Education technology. The startup announced today that it is launching an Education Technology Challenge, which is designed to help people who want to work in EdTech with startups that are hiring, and, in turn, help education companies identify the best candidates.

HireArt co-founder Elli Sharef tells us that more than 50 companies have already signed on to participate in the challenge, including Scholastic, General Assembly, LearnSprout and Edmodo — to name a few.

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