HackerRank is a social platform for fun coding challenges that launched at TechCrunch SF Disrupt in 2012. It grew out of Interviewstreet, a technical recruiting platform that’s being used by companies like Evernote and Amazon to screen potential hires. Today, the company is combining these two brands under the HackerRank label. HackerRank will continue to operate as usual and Interviewstreet will become HackerRankX, a white label version of the HackerRank platform.

At the same time, the company today launched CodePair, a new tool for doing technical interviews online as part of HackerRankX. With CodePair, developers and interviewers can collaboratively code online in real-time. Interviewers can set the environment up for their coding questions ahead of time and create a catalog of their favorites. These questions can then be shared and reused across the company, which HackerRank says will allow candidates to be measured across the same rubric.” 

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