Here are some of our favorite Hacker News comments from February and March.

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An ’90s Excel developer comments on a 3D engine made of MS Excel formulae.

What has HN given you?

A HN user asked Terry Pratchett which writer he most admired.

A physicist comments on the The “Oh-My-God Particle”.

A HN user describes how their wife cleaned an animal skeleton during their PhD–”For a few years she kept a colony of flesh-eating beetles in her lab for cleaning skeletons.”

A friend of Ron Patrick – who built a jet powered, street legal car – comments on a post about the project.

Electric ferries are essentially killing “Norwegian ferry food culture“.

The author of GIMP’s Convolution Matrix joins a thread about the plugin.

A HN user applied machine learning to detect anomalies in prescribed drugs comparing each doctor/provider behavior to their peer group.

Drew Houston personally thanks HN just hours after the Dropbox IPO.

A forth programmer on forth, “If you had asked me 20 years ago would I be saying anything positive about forth I would have kicked you in the XXXs.”