The annual Hackathon is coming up this weekend. We expect 100 people to show up and spend the night starting at 6pm. The hacking will take place from 6pm on Friday in the Wozniak Lounge at Soda Hall, and end at 12pm on Saturday. Thats 18 hours of hacking craziness followed by presentations from the teams and deliberation by the 9 judges from Zynga, Facebook, Y Combinator, and EECS peeps @ Berkeley.

If you are a hacker, show up at 6pm for a brief description of the rules and Zachary’s Pizza. If you aren’t show up at 12 on Saturday to hear about the projects (or stop by Friday night/Saturday morning to watch the madness). Winners can expect a choice between the Amazon Kindle (which just launched an SDK), pocket projectors, or 80 GB solid state drives. Expect awesome t-shirts for everyone that lasts 18 hours and shaving creme to the head of anyone that doesn’t.

If you can’t make it to the event, expect a live blog here at ST@B and check in regularly to the live stream here to confirm everyone is still alive and coding.

Thanks to Zynga for sponsoring, we like those guys!


Trevor will be one of the judges at this year’s Hackathon at Berkeley. Have fun everyone!