Press coverage on NBC News today:

Eenie, meenie, minie, mo: Would you let a website pick where you’ll go?

That’s the premise, more or less, of, a new website now in beta and set for a consumer launch on Nov. 1. The site promises airfare discounts of up to 40 percent to users who are willing to let the website pick their final destination.

Here’s how it works: Users conduct a flight search, either by regional destination (Europe, Asia, U.S./Canada, etc.) or by interest (family fun, beaches and sun, history and culture, etc.) and are shown, on average, 10 possible destinations, along with a full selection of flight options for each one.

The site then asks you to narrow the options to two final choices and provide your booking and credit-card information. The good news is that only one of the two itineraries will be booked; the potentially nerve-wracking news is that you don’t find out which one until after you’ve clicked the “Complete this Purchase” button.

It sounds crazy, but co-founder and CEO Alek Vernitsky insists otherwise: “Giving somebody the option of selecting two destinations instead of one fits with how people think about vacations,” he said. “People naturally think in terms of options — do I want to go here or there?”

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