CryptoSeal, a Y Combinator company from the summer class of 2011, has launched its VPN as a service to help companies protect back-end administrative information from intrusions.

Virtual private networks are inherently complex to set up, often requiring someone from IT operations to configure on a networking appliance. The cost and complexity can be prohibitive.

But making direct connections to the network is risky and bad practice, CryptoSeal Co-Founder Ryan Lackey said in an interview today. CryptoSeal solves the problem with a service that puts on-premise VPN into the cloud.

Here’s how CryptoSeal works:

  1. Sign up online and set up users on
  2. Set up VPN software for your servers (install software on the server, or use Amazon VPC which lets people using AWS configure it in one-shot).
  3. Download the VPN client to your desktop or mobile for all employees — they support Mac, Windows, Linux/bsd, iOS, and Android.

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