IBM announced on Thursday its acquisition of YC alum Compose, the company formerly known as MongoHQ that runs a platform for quickly and easily spinning up database servers.

In a blog post published yesterday, Compose’s co-founders Kurt Mackey and Jason McKay wrote about the rationale behind the deal:

“As founders, it was the biggest and most important decision we’ve
ever had to make — much more difficult than we ever would have guessed
back when we only dreamed of having a successful company. While we are
profitable and growing fast, we think now is the right time to team up
with a larger company. We will be able to do more, faster, and it’s the
best way to continue our mission. Also, I’m not going to say the word ‘synergy‘, but synergy.

At IBM, Compose will be part of the Cloud Data Services (CDS) group.
It’s a great fit. We’ll be able to continue building what we think is
important, with a brand we really like, and the same team that works so
well together. All with the backing of a major company.”

Read the full blog post here, and see additional news coverage in TechCrunch here.