Harvard and MIT area computer scientists and hackers are invited to come join us for short talks and a mixer Wednesday at 5:30PM at 32-123 Auditorium in the Stata Center at MIT.

Hear short talks and meet partners and alums including:

  • Aaron Iba, Partner, Y Combinator, Cofounder, Etherpad (acquired by Google) YC Summer 2007 Alum
  • Garry Tan, Partner, Y Combinator, Cofounder, Posterous (acquired by Twitter) YC Summer 2008 Alum
  • Aston Motes, First Employee, Dropbox YC Summer 2012 Alum
  • Adam Goldstein, Cofounder, Hipmunk YC Summer 2010 Alum
  • Geoff Schmidt, Cofounder, Meteor YC Summer 2011 Alum
  • Adam Bouhenguel, Cofounder, Tsumobi YC Winter 2007 Alum 

Food and drinks will be provided, with Q&A and to follow. 


Wednesday Sept 19th, 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM
32-123 Auditorium (Stata Center, MIT)