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2017 YC Annual Letter

In response to a comment on Hacker News, I’m going to try writing an annual letter to the YC community with an update on our progress. Our mission is to enable the most innovation of any company in the world in order to make the future great for everyone. We believe new technology, economic growth, and new ideas about how our society might function are more important than ever before.

YC at Columbia, Harvard, MIT, Stanford, UPenn

We’re excited to be visiting 5 universities in the next month. Join YC partners and alumni who will tell their stories, share startup advice and answer your questions. You can also sign up for one-on-one office hours at each location. Get feedback on what you’re building or ask us questions about YC. We hope to see you there.

Recommend a Founder for YC

If you know someone working on a startup who we should encourage to apply for the Summer 2017 batch, you can now recommend them to us through our new system. Applications for YC Summer 2017 are open now.

Request for Startups: News, Jobs, and Democracy

If you’re working on a startup or non-profit that addresses news, the future of work, or improving democracy, we’d love to see you apply.

Welcome, ACLU

We are delighted to be funding the ACLU as a non-profit in our Winter 2017 batch. The ACLU will have full access to the Y Combinator network and community, and they will present at Demo Day in March. We are hopeful that the YC community will join us in supporting this important work. In particular, if you’re an engineer and want to spend some time helping them out, let us know.

Welcome Daniel, Nicole, Stephanie, Steven and Tatyana!

We’re excited to welcome five new members of the YC team: Daniel Gross, Nicole Cadman, Stephanie Simon, Steven Chan and Tatyana Veremyova.

Request for Startups: Water

We’re close to a tipping point where technology will let us make clean water extremely abundant and cheap. We’d love to help founders working on this problem get there faster. We’re reviewing applications on a rolling basis so you can apply any time.

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