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YC Summer 2017 Stats

Today is Y Combinator’s 25th Demo Day. With 124 companies presenting over the next two days, this is the largest Demo Day in YC’s 12.5 year history.
We wanted to share some stats about YC and about the batch.

Welcome Eric, Gustaf, and Jocelyn

We’re excited to welcome Eric, Gustaf, and Jocelyn to the YC Team. Gustaf Alstromer is joining YC as a partner. Eric Migicovsky is joining YC as a Visiting Partner. Jocelyn Robancho is joining YC as the Assistant Batch Director.

A Science Exchange Marketplace for YC Companies

Today we’re announcing that YC companies will now have exclusive access to a Science Exchange marketplace where they can instantly order experimental services from a network of over 2,500 qualified scientific service providers, all with pre-established contracts that protect companies’ IP and confidentiality.


In an effort to usher in more innovation with AI, Y Combinator is going to try an experiment in the upcoming batch: a vertical group in YC dedicated to AI companies. If you’re starting an AI company, we want to help you succeed. Apply here and mention this post in your application.

US Visas

We will hold a day of interviews in Vancouver for founders we’d like to interview but can’t get US visas. We will also experiment with allowing companies that we’d like to fund but are unable to get visas for the duration of our three-month program to participate remotely.

YC’s Online Class (Sign up at StartupSchool.org)

We’re excited to announce our new online Startup School, with classes beginning on April 5. Anyone can sign up at StartupSchool.org for the 10-week massively open online course (MOOC), starting today. We want to teach everyone how to start a startup and help them along the way with guidance from people who’ve started companies.

YC at Stanford and UC Berkeley in March

We’ll be visiting Stanford and Berkeley this month. If you’re starting a startup or considering applying to YC, we’d love to see you there. YC partners and alum will share their stories, dispel some of the myths about starting companies, and answer questions. You can also sign up for one-on-one office hours at each location. Get feedback on what you’re building or ask us questions about YC.

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