Meet 8 YC startups that are hiring right now

Many YC startups are actively hiring on Work at a Startup across engineering, product, design, marketing and more. We asked founders to shoot a 30-second video describing their businesses and open roles. Meet them here.

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GitLab’s Secret to Managing 160 Employees in 160 Locations

Ali Rowghani, head of YC Continuity, talks to Gitlab CEO Sid Sijbrandij (W15) about how Gitlab has built a completely distributed company with 160 people (and growing). Sid’s biggest tip for success in scaling a distributed company: write everything down.

The McDonald’s Quotient

I could tell he didn’t get it. Despite his polite smiles and nods, despite my frequently-rehearsed and carefully-refined explanations of what my company did and why it was…

How Lugg Got Its On-Demand Moving App off the Ground

The co-founders of Lugg on hustling for their first users, learning by doing, and the adrenaline rush of solving people’s pain points. Y Combinator: Lugg has attracted a…

Founder Stories: Detroit Water Project’s Tiffani Ashley Bell

The co-founder of the Detroit Water Project on creating a non-profit from scratch, coping with government bureaucracy, and how hearing a family’s toilet flush can make it all…

How to Design a Better Pitch Deck

The following is an adaption of a presentation I give to YC startups before we have them create their presentation slide decks for Demo Day. Here’s how to…

Startup Playbook

We thought it might help us scale Y Combinator if we could distill the most generalizable parts of this advice into a sort of playbook we could give…

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