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Q&A with YC Partners at Startup School

We pulled together eleven of the most frequently asked questions from Startup School attendees and had YC partners answer them on stage. Questions include: What kinds of things do new founders waste time on? Is there anything you wish you’d known when you first started?

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Office Hours with Kevin Hale and Qasar Younis at Startup School

During YC startups have weekly office hours with their group partners. As a part of Startup School we invited attendees to volunteer for office hours on stage.

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Ben Silbermann at Startup School

Ben Silbermann, Cofounder of Pinterest, at Startup School 2016.

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Marc Andreessen at Startup School

Marc Andreessen, Andreessen Horowitz cofounder and general partner, at Startup School 2016. In his conversation with YC Partner and COO Qasar Younis, Marc outlined two tests investors run…

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Reid Hoffman at Startup School

Reid Hoffman, Cofounder of LinkedIn and Partner at Greylock Partners, at Startup School 2016. Here are a few excerpts from Reid’s conversation with Sam Altman: Sam : What’s…

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AptDeco Founders at Startup School

Reham Fagiri and Kalam Dennis, founders of AptDeco (W14), at Startup School 2016. Reham and Kalam share how they built a profitable business and outlasted a well-funded competitor.…

Ooshma Garg on How She’s Growing Gobble to $100M in Sales

Ooshma Garg, founder of Gobble (W14), at Startup School 2016. There’s a huge gap between how startup success is portrayed in the media and how it actually happens.…

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