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Helping African Businesses Get Paid, Shola Akinlade of Paystack

Shola Akinlade is CEO and cofounder of Paystack. Paystack helps businesses in Africa get paid online and offline. They’re based in Lagos, Nigeria and were part of the Winter 2016 batch.

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Cannabis Startup Founders David Hua and Vincent Ning on Legalization, Banking, and Industry Trends

David Hua is CEO and cofounder of Meadow. Meadow makes retail and delivery software for dispensaries. Vincent Ning is CEO and cofounder of Nabis. Nabis is a cannabis services group. They offer distribution, logistics, sales, and marketing.

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Mathilde Collin on Feature Prioritization and Employee Retention at Front

Mathilde Collin is the cofounder and CEO of Front. Front is a shared inbox for teams and they were part of the YC Summer 2014 batch.

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SEO Advice from SurveyMonkey Director of SEO and Growth, Eli Schwartz

Eli Schwartz is the Director of SEO and Growth at SurveyMonkey. He came in to answer commonly asked questions about SEO.

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Joan Lasenby on Applications of Geometric Algebra in Engineering

Joan Lasenby is a University Reader in the Signal Processing and Communications Group of the Cambridge University Engineering Department, and is a College Lecturer and Director of Studies in Engineering at Trinity College. In this episode we talk about Joan’s research into 3D reconstruction from multiple cameras and her interest in geometric algebra.

Startup School Lectures Are Now Available as a Podcast

We’re now publishing the Startup School lectures as a podcast. Here’s where to find them.

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Peter Reinhardt on Finding Product Market Fit at Segment

Peter Reinhardt is cofounder and CEO of Segment. Segment helps companies capture data from every customer touchpoint and send it to the tools where it can be used most effectively.

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