Startup School Week 9 Recap – Carolynn Levy on Modern Startup Financing and Jared Friedman’s Advice for Hard-tech and Biotech Founders

Carolynn Levy discusses on modern startup financing. Jared Friedman shares advice for hard-tech and biotech founders.

Startup School Week 8 Recap – Adora Cheung on Prioritizing Your Time and Kevin Hale on Evaluating Startup Ideas

Adora Cheung on how to prioritize your time. And Kevin Hale on how to evaluate startup ideas.

Startup School Week 7 Recap – Kevin Hale on Conversion Rates and Pricing

Kevin Hale on how to improve conversion rates and pricing for startups.

Startup School Week 6 Recap – Tim Brady on Culture and Dalton Caldwell on Pivoting

Tim Brady on the importance of building a good culture early. Dalton Caldwell on pivoting and his advice on how founders should think about it.

Startup School Week 5 Recap – Kirsty Nathoo and Kevin Hale

Kirsty Nathoo on the most common mistakes startups make with their finances and how they can avoid making them. Then Kevin Hale on the importance of building a successful working relationship with your cofounders and processes you can use to do so.

Startup School Week 4 Recap – Kat Mañalac and Gustaf Alströmer

We’ve cut down the fourth week of lectures to be even shorter and combined them into one podcast. First a lecture from Kat Mañalac on launching then a lecture from Gustaf Alströmer on growth.

Startup School Week 3 Recap: Anu Hariharan and Adora Cheung

We’ve cut down the third week of lectures to be even shorter and combined them into one podcast. First, Anu Hariharan on nine common startup business models and the metrics investors want to see for each. Then Anu and Adora Cheung on how investors evaluate startups.

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